How could we best describe Eternitatea Cemetery?

A space of death that celebrates life? An amphitheatre in which we are taught the history of art in silence? A book in which we find the great writers who marked our childhood and adolescence? Or maybe a museum that urges us to dream and meditate

All this, of course, but above all, the cemetery is the repository of our identity, a space that speaks in its own way, synthetically, about the life and desires of those who lived in this city, about the society and history of Iasi. Its topography preserves something of the order of this world, with its apparent equality: the great noble families, the clergy, the representatives of the bourgeoisie, the intellectuals and the artists, the heroes and last but not least, the ordinary people, the citizens of the city.

We invite you to a walk on the alleys of the cemetery, real or virtual, to remind us of our roots. You will have at your disposal a useful orientation tool – the interactive map – which will lead you to some of the most important funerary monuments of some personalities buried here and cemeteries of the heroes.

A team of specialists consisting of Irina Tacu, PhD Prof. Eugen Târcoveanu, PhD Associate Professor Ovidiu Buruiană, researchers Dorin Dobrincu, Sorin Iftimi and Cătălin Botoșineanu, as well as PhD Associate Professor Florea Ioncioaia will tell you the fascinating stories of some personalities buried at Iasi in the videos inserted in the interactive map and in the articles about personalities.

We hope that the walk into the Eternitatea Cemetery in Iași, real or virtual, will connect you to the history, art and culture of the old capital of Moldova.

The visiting schedule of the Eternitatea Cemetery is 9.00 – 19.00.
No visiting fees are charged (only a car access fee – 2 lei).

Have a nice walk!

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