The Romanian Society for Historical Studies (SSIR) aims to establish itself as a professional association that groups researchers in the field of historical studies and promotes the highest professional standards in historical research, the impartiality and depoliticization of the historical approach. At the same time, the association tried to structure itself as a partner for the initiatives aimed at historical education among the general public, whether we refer to the popularization of professional historical knowledge or to the implementation of memorial projects. Moreover, the Society for Historical Studies organized numerous debates and public meetings in which professional historians and civic activists tried to extract discussions on the past both from the territory of partisan passions and from the area of ​​trivial approaches, in favour of reconsidering the role of historical memory, of the re-problematization of the national past and especially of a more adequate communication between those who write history and those who live it.

Since its setting up in 2003, the Romanian Society for Historical Studies has been involved in organizing, alone or in collaboration, dozens of events with local, national and international impact, the best known being public debates, annual conventions and thematic conferences on historiography. The association also supported the publication under its auspices of certain works in its field of activity (Arhiva Moldaviae, Historia Universitas Jassiensis), as well as the production of a series of documentary films with historical topic. Its members actively participate in the cultural life of the city.

One of the development directions of the Romanian Society for Historical Studies (S.S.I.R.) is the openness towards the community by getting involved in projects for the culturalization of history, the main area of ​​expertise of the members of the association. In recent years, the Romanian Society for Historical Studies has contributed to the production of documentaries and public debates about the First World War, during the events of the Centenary. The films “Medici în linia întâi”/“Doctors in the first line”, „Iași, inima României(1916-1918)”/“Iași, the heart of Romania (1916-1918)” and “Jurnaliști în linia întâi”/“Journalists in the first line”, developed within cultural projects co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, respectively the City Hall of Iași, reconstituted the atmosphere of a city in crisis, in the years of refuge.

During 2019, SSIR implemented in partnership with “AltIași” Cultural Association the project “Eternity 143”, funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN), a project that was nominated for the AFCN Awards 2019, in the category “ACTIVATION OF INTANGIBLE HERITAGE”.

The purpose of the “Eternity 143” project was to promote the “Eternitatea” Cemetery as a cultural space, important for community memory. In this respect, a presentation film was made, a database with articles about the personalities buried in the cemetery, as well as a map of the Eternitatea Cemetery which indicated the locations of the funerary monuments of the most important 38 personalities buried in Iasi.