POST-Eternity 144

The “POST-Eternity 144” project, co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (A.F.C.N.) promotes the “Eternitatea” Cemetery as an important cultural space for the memory of the past. Classified as a historical monument of national importance, the cemetery from Iasi preserves the history of a city and its people who contributed essentially to the development of the Romanian state.
Cemeteries are gates to the past, but also bridges to the reality of the present. Through its activities, the “Post Eternity – 144” project tries to recover in an easy to access way, using the new media tools, a part of the memory of the community in order to signify the importance of heritage. We aim to create the first website of the cemetery from Iasi, the central point of which is an interactive map which marks 50 important funerary monuments, which are presented on video by a team of specialists with various specializations. The website will also integrate a database about personalities buried in Eternitatea Cemetery.

The launch of the website will be followed by a tour guided by specialists on the alleys of the cemetery from Iasi.

Within the POST-Eternity 144 project, a PHOTO exhibition will take place in Copou Park, in collaboration with “Mihai Ursachi” Municipal House of Culture which will present the most beautiful images from the cemetery from Iasi.

Also, the project will integrate two lectures for students in the unconventional space of the cemetery held by pre-university prestigious teachers from Iasi, called “History Class” and “Literature Class”. The unconventional lessons will be filmed and edited in order to be used as teaching material, especially in the context of the pandemic caused by the COVID 19 coronavirus.

The “POST-Eternity 144” project will end with a guided tour of the Eternitatea Cemetery on the topic “Art of Funerary Monuments”. The cemetery is a real open-air museum that reveals the evolution of styles and aesthetic orientations which define Romanian sculpture and architecture, from neoclassical to baroque or flamboyant neo-Gothic. Busts, alto-relievos, funerary monuments, obelisks made by more or less well-known sculptors make up a collection of art integrated into nature.

The “POST-Eternity 144” project is the natural continuation of the “Eternity 143” project, financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (A.F.C.N.) in session II/2019 and subsequently nominated for the AFCN Awards 2019.

The classification of the Eternitatea Cemetery as a historical monument of national relevance opens new perspectives for its integration in a cultural circuit. The promotion of cemeteries, as a fundamental part of the heritage of humanity, is part of an important cultural movement, financially supported by the European Council, for the last 20 years. The European route of significant cemeteries, which includes 83 objectives from Spain, France, Italy, Sweden and to the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia generates over 5 million visitors annually.